Friday, October 28, 2005

Bush: a Lame Duck gets Avian Flu!

Even before today’s indictment, George W. Bush was, by most standards, already a lame duck president. By riding a staggering string of failures – Iraq, Abu Ghraib, Social Security, Katrina, Harriet Miers, to name just a few – he had clearly depleted any “political capital” he ever had, and was racking up “political debt” at an alarming rate. As President over the last five years, he has basically accomplished little more than to demonstrate that he is to shit what King Midas was to gold. And his approval rating freefall has reflected all of it!

Now comes the indictment of I. Lewis Libby, Chief of Staff for the Vice President, which opens the door to a more detailed look at the run up to the Iraq war, and the involvement of the Vice President himself. Additionally, the President’s brain top aide, Karl Rove, and possibly others, are still under investigation. By all interpretations, it is difficult to imagine that the prosecutor would indict a medium-sized fish like Libby, and then extend the investigation to go after the smaller fish. No, he’s got his sights on more serious crimes that would implicate bigger, higher profile, fish, like Hadley, Rice, Bolton, Cheney, and possibly even Bush himself.

In any event, future proceedings threaten to dig even deeper into the intricate web of corruption that Bush and his administration have unleashed on the American people!

With these developments, it appears that George W. Bush’s little lame duck lungs are beginning to fill with bird fluid, and he’s in serious danger of infecting everyone else in the Republican Party. In fact, it’s already happening, as more and more conservatives work themselves into a fever, trying to downplay the seriousness of the charges and deflect blame to an overzealous prosecutor, the democrats, the media, the CIA, Joe Wilson, etc.

Fortunately, so far it appears this virus has not evolved into a form that can be easily transmitted between liberals, and only those like Joe Lieberman, who maintain regular close contact with conservatives, are in immediate danger!

So what’s next? For the safety and security of the country, it seems clear that it is time to quickly start culling all of the potentially infected conservatives from public service! That’s right! Round them all up and kill their political careers! The Delays. The Frists. The Blunts. The Bailey Hutchisons. All of them! Wipe them out of public office, and replace them with a new breed of bird that can be honest with the American people. Replace them with a breed of bird that can show leadership that strives to benefit all segments of society, not just their friends and cronies. Replace them with a breed of bird that can create a bright future not just for themselves and their children, but for all of our children, and our children’s’ children, and so on . . . .


  1. Bush says that he isn't going to concern himself with these distractions because he is too busy doing the business of the American people.

    Doing his business on the American people, more like!

  2. Fitzgerald is that new breed of bird.

    What a pickle this administration is in. On one hand they want to appoint a "strict constructionist" to the supreme court and on the other hand they will have to send out their minions to attack Fitzgerald who as we saw today is the poster child for strict adherance to the law.