Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Gonzales Accepts Deniable Responsibilty

Here is basically what the AG said today:

Mistakes were made...........I accept full responsibility...........I stand by those mistakes..........I intend to find and hold someone else responsible.

This is one Giant snowball picking up speed!

[Note by seenos: I noticed the image was messed up, so I grabbed this old one I had made for an earlier post. Somehow, it is even more fitting today!]


  1. The Democratic motto in 2008 should be simply this:

    A Vote for a Republican,
    Is a Vote for Organized Crime!

    How is stacking the Justice Department with "loyal" prosecutors any different from bribing the cops to look the other way while you run a crime syndicate?

  2. Lost Wages Joe10:33 AM

    You're too kind; a vote for a Republican is a vote for DISorganized crime! If this bunch were in the Mafia they all would have been whacked by now for sheer incompetence. GREAT picture of Gonzo, by the way.

  3. My question is - if the District Attorney's serve "at the pleasure of the President" then why is a flunky like Kyle Sampson making the decisions about who is fired? Bush can't argue simultaneously that it is his decision and not his decision. And if that is the case then the mistake that "was" made was him not making the decision that was only his to make.

  4. Good point L-O. As usual, Bush wants to have it both ways!

    Which reminds me - maybe when they keep saying these guys "serve at the pleasure of the President," they actually mean that they "serve to pleasure the President!"

    Listening to Gonzales talk, it certainly sounds like that's how he's been serving!