Thursday, March 29, 2007

Meet the New Conservative Michael Moore!

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Some people never learn! As if it wasn’t enough that Fox proved with The Half-Hour Comedy Hour that “conservative political humor” is about as hard to find as a mermaid, Rick Santorum now says he wants to provide entertainment through conservative political documentaries.

According to Santorum:
"Politics and political dialogue has some impact on America but changing the culture has a much bigger impact," Santorum said about his new role outside the public sector and his push to make documentaries. "That is what the left is doing and doing it in a big way, producing a lot of left content for Hollywood, and even not just out of Hollywood. Even independent films are now more and more left-wing driven, whether it is Michael Moore or Al Gore."

He added: "Someone has to go out there and tell them the other side of the story."
First, we were given the new conservative John Stewart, in a show so profoundly lame that even the Right Wing News could only come up with this description:
This show was not timely at all and at times you felt like their first priority was getting across a message, not making people laugh. Perhaps more importantly, this may be the least edgy show made since Leave it to Beaver.
Now, Santorum wants to show us he can be the new conservative Michael Moore! Say what you want about Michael Moore’s politics, he is clearly a talented filmmaker and a very entertaining and engaging fellow.

And based on what I’ve seen of Santorum’s competence as a legislator, and of his personality and speaking style, I’m willing to predict that Little Ricky will turn out to be no Michael Moore. In fact, I seriously doubt that he will have the filmmaking talent of a manatee!

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  1. "The other side of the story?" The other side of An Inconvenient Truth huh? Goes something like this Rick? "Uh, that's all a liberal hoax. The end." Wow, compelling stuff. Santorum was rightly run out of Washington by wise Pennsylvanians, and the proper description of Santorum can still be found in its rightful number one position by Googling his name, thanks to Dan Savage.

  2. Lost Wages Joe11:07 AM

    It's pretty simple, really. When the truth is spoken, the "other side of the story" is a lie. Santorum is announcing that he intends to produce right-wing propoganda based on lies. You know, like FOX "news".