Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Bush's Legacy: An Alternative to the Think Tank!

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After pondering George W. Bush’s plans to raise $500 million to build a library and think tank at SMU in order to “shape how history views Bush’s legacy,” I can’t help but wonder how this is going to help.

On the surface, I think Arianna has it right when she says that the donors need to be transparent, but really – how is a think tank going to help “polish” a Bush legacy which will consist of little more than failure in Iraq and a bleak economic future for all but the wealthiest Americans?

Here's a better idea that might actually work:

First of all, Bush should go ahead and raise the $500 million.

Then, he should take $499,995,000 of it and set up a trust fund to help the families of troops injured or killed in Iraq.

Finally, with the the other $5,000, he should use it to set up the George W. Bush Presidential Dunk Tank!

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What else is he going to do when he is no longer President? Travel the World building good will toward America like Bill Clinton? Work on projects to house and feed the poor, like Jimmy Carter?

I don't think so!

At least this way, he can give the ordinary Americans who were hurt by his policies the chance to feel good again, if only for the time it takes to throw a couple of balls!

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  1. That is awesome. He could take it on the road from county fair to county fair. Heck if he charged a buck a ball he could raise his $500 million in no time.

  2. Giraffe2:46 PM

    I know somebody who has real pull with some county fairs, and can insure him some contracts!

  3. Lost Wages Joe11:00 AM

    That is GREAT! I'm warming-up my throwing arm. That would be the most singles I'd spend in one place since they closed down Everybody's Talking!