Tuesday, May 01, 2007

George Bush and "The Cauldron of Chaos"

Apparently George is going to take to the airwaves tonight at 6:10PM EST just after vetoing the War Appropriations bill to once again slam the Democrats. Four years to the day after the most ridiculous photo op in presidential history - Bush is going do it again. I wonder if he will be wearing the flight suit. It has been leaked that he is going say that if we pull out of Iraq it will become a "Cauldron of Chaos". What is it now Mr. Bush a "Tub of Tranquility"?

Here is a great thread from Daily Kos. Its laugh out loud funny.


  1. Lost Wages Joe11:15 AM

    I just read a quote from Senator Webb (on TPM) that I think should be the official Democratic position on Iraq: "We won this war 4 years ago. The question now is when are we going to withdraw." That's been my beef with a lot of the Democratic spokespeople, particularly Harry Reed; this isn't about "losing" or "defeat". We won this war when we defeated Saddam's army, captured the despot, and handed him over to the democratically-elected Iraqui government. Our job here is done! If the Iraquis want our help in trying, through diplomacy, to avert civil war, or perhaps more importantly, to reconstruct their contry's infrastructure, we owe them that, but it's pretty damn clear at this point that what the Iraqui people DON'T want is our troops in their God-forsaken country! Let's declare victory, and give both the Iraqui and the American peoples what they want; withdrawal.

  2. Bush's "Cauldron of Chaos" is a "Crock of Crapola!"