Wednesday, May 23, 2007

[F**king Hypocritical] Losers!

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I find it particularly ironic that the MSM has been so helpful in spreading the Republican narrative that wanting to bring home the troops before “completing the mission” makes the Democrats into "quitters" and "losers." Yet, when the Democrats appear willing to give Bush exactly what he wants – war funding with no accountability – they are labeled by the MSM as quitters and losers for backing down!

Note to the Democratic leadership: If you are going to be called quitters and losers no matter what you do, then at least let it be for the thing you say that you believe in!

[F**king Update] By the way, these are the 9 Democratic and 1 Independent Senators who voted for the thing they say they believe in:


And Lieberman too, I guess, since he comes out and says that he believes in the death and destruction of endless war!

Oh, and for my one Senator who is missing from this list, Ms. Feinstein. Know this:

I will run against you myself before I vote for you again!


  1. Lost Wages Joe10:38 AM

    I have no problem ignoring the Republicans' blather (the trumpeting of mastadons sinking in the tarpit of history). But despite their questionable agenda, Big Media is right on this; the Dems who sign-off on the war funding bill are waving the white flags, bending-over and grabbing their ankles. I for one will be paying close attention to who is continuing to defy King George, vs. who is opening the vaseline jar, particularly among the Presidential candidates. Those going for the grease will not get my support come election time, for whatever that's worth...

  2. Feinstein is my Senator, and Susan Davis is my Rep. No way in hell will I vote for either one again. Be a cold day...