Sunday, July 15, 2007

But Can He Look You In The Eye?

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There are a lot of convicted felons who serve their time in prison and then go on to lead productive, and occasionally inspirational, lives.

Of course many don't, as the recidivism rate is still quite high. Still, the common thread for those who are highly successful in their future endeavors is the ability to look others in the eye and say, "I've made mistakes, but I've paid my debt to society!"

Not Scooter Libby! He's a convicted felon who will never have the opportunity to look anyone in the eye and say that he is free and clear, having paid his debt to society and able to move ahead with the knowledge that he owes nothing to anyone.

Sure, he'll try to surround himself with those willing to act as if he was a great man who was unjustly accused, but this will be little more than a charade - since the commutation of his sentence has basically acknowledged his guilt, but enabled him to skate on his debt.

He is now destined to live out his life knowing deep down that he stole from society, got caught, but never had to pay anything back because he was declared (morally) bankrupt!

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  1. Lost Wages Joe1:14 PM

    You write as if you believe that Scooter is burdened with a conscience! He's part of the Inner Circle, and is thus unencumbred with such frivolous niceties! He'll have no problem looking anyone in the eye (and probably lying to them), nor will he have any problem making a VERY good living, most likely lobbying for defense and/or oil companies. Besides, in his final hours in office, Bush will give him a full pardon, having succesfully "run out the clock" on impeachment (Scooter can't be compelled to testify with a commuted sentence, but could be so compelled with a full pardon), so he'll be free to return to government "service" upon the election of the next Republican den of thieves (see Elliot Abrams).