Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Yearly Kos, Here We Come!

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At Left-Over, we’re betting that, despite Bill O’Reilly’s threats to “destroy” Daily Kos, the Yearly Kos Convention will go on, and both Left-Over and I are going to be there. (Update: Left-Over will only be there in spirit, ironically directly due to the stupidity of the Republicans in the California State Senate, but don’t tell them that!)

Since I didn’t attend last year, it’s hard to say whether I will have the time or ability to focus on posting any substantial thoughts while I’m at the conference, but rest assured that I will have my trusty TREO available to upload any good pics I can get, with at least some brief commentary or snarky caption, depending on what is called for at the time.

I’ve been poring over the schedule, trying to balance my desire to hear particular speakers I admire and respect, with specific topics of interest. There are, of course, too many in each category to possibly hit them all, but a couple of sessions strike me as “can’t miss” opportunities.

At this point, these are the ones that have risen to the top of my wish list:

Blogging the Libby Trial, with Emptywheel (of The Next Hurrah, and any other credible blog she wants to post on), Christie Hardin-Smith (of Firedoglake) and Jeralyn Merritt (of Talk Left).

Left Behind by the Right, with Arianna Huffington, Cenk Uygur (of The Young Turks, a personal favorite!), David Brock, and John Dean.

A Conversation with Anthony Romero, with, um, Anthony Romero (ACLU President, and the only guest I’ve seen whose infectious enthusiasm allowed him to talk down Stephen Colbert) and Glenn Greenwald (of Salon.com, who apparently will hold up the other end of the conversation).

Countering Corruption in Congress and the Bush Administration, with Justin Rood (formerly of TPM Muckraker) and Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tenn), who is burned into my mind for the first 2 ½ minutes of the following exchange during the testimony of Monica Goodling - which led conservatives to scream, “What if she had been a Muslim being grilled by a Republican?” followed by my response to their question:

Of the entire conference, I think my biggest dilemma involves the Presidential Leadership Forum, where the second half will consist of “breakout sessions” with the individual Democratic candidates. This means I will have to choose only one candidate.

Do I opt for Obama, to hear my current favorite, but where I’ll surely be packed in like a sardine, wishing I was Yao Ming so I could actually see the man?

Do I opt for Edwards, so I can listen to that charming drawl and the most passionate expression of my progressive ideals, all with the added bonus of seeing what a $400 haircut looks like?

Do I opt for Hillary, in the hope of catching a glimpse of cleavage? (Just kidding! Really, I’d rather see Bill Richardson’s cleavage!)

Or do I go for sheer entertainment value (and a chance at an actual one-on one exchange) and opt for Mike Gravel?

Oh, the decisions are making my brain hurt!


  1. Lost Wages Joe11:54 AM

    DAMN I wish I could have gone with you! I'd have opted for Edwards, even though that one's likely to be crowded too, seeing as how the strawpolls on DailyKos consistantly have him in the lead. He'll definitely have a friendly audience, despite having the most expensive hairdo in the room (unless Arianna attends).

    I see where Chris Dodd is making a play to ingratiate himself to the netroots as well; he's going into the lion's den to engage Bill O'Reilly over the blowhard's ongoing jihad against YearlyKos. Should be interesting viewing.

    Have a great time in the Windy City; with all of those politicians in attendance it should be particularly windy! I look forward to your reports.

  2. Just had to throw this link in here as further reason to want to hear (and hopefully meet) Rep Steve Cohen.

    Turns out he was a close friend who gave the eulogy at Warren Zevon's funeral, which is included in the link. It's brilliant!