Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Romney Quote of the Day

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Reiterating a recurring theme from his campaign, I’ve paraphrased this from today’s GOP debate when asked what is more important, electing a fiscal conservative or a social conservative:
We need to bring together fiscal conservatives, social conservatives, and defense conservatives - the three legs of the Republican stool!
My suggested response from the Democrats would be the following:
We need to rid ourselves of foreign policy failure, domestic and economic failure, and constitutional failure – the three floaters of the Republican stool!
OK, so I wasn’t the first person to think of it, and as long as Romney continues his “stool fixation,” I doubt I’ll be the last!

But here’s one you won’t find anywhere else (warning - timed release punchline):
Is Mitt Romney’s campaign call for returning to a “three-legged Republican stool” a backhanded swipe at Hillary Clinton in favor of him (or any of the other GOP candidates) in the White House?
OK, maybe a barely perceptible punchline!

And here's Mitt, talking about his stool:

This isn't mocking, either. It was uploaded to YouTube directly from the Romney campaign!

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  1. Here's another one!

    Romney could also use the theme as a jab at John McCain and Fred Thompson by adopting the slogan:

    Vote Romney! He has a constitution you can rely on to form a solid Republican stool!