Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Senate Dems Forgive Joe Lieberman at Their Own (and President Obama’s) Peril!

Throughout the primaries and the general election, Barack Obama liked to say that the supporters who donated money or volunteered time “owned a piece of his campaign.” Many of those supporters bought in, in large part, because of a hunger for change that would return accountability to those who serve in our government.

In choosing to support John McCain and publicly attack Obama for his patriotism and readiness to lead, Joe Lieberman wasn’t just, as he would have us believe, “following his principles and doing what he thought was right.” Lieberman was actively working against each and every one of those people who skipped lunches so they could send a few bucks to the Obama campaign, or who gave up their weekends to make calls or knock on doors.

But Harry Reid has pointed out that Lieberman votes with the Democrats 90 percent of the time, and there are some indications that Obama himself is signaling that he wants Lieberman to remain as Chairman of the Homeland Security Committee.

Besides the glaring question about keeping Lieberman as the chairman of the committee dealing with the 10 percent of issues where he never votes with the Democrats, what kind of message would it send to those who sacrificed their hard earned money and time fighting to put a Democrat back in the White House, if one of the first official acts they see from a strengthened Democratic majority is to ensure that Joe Lieberman, who openly tried to stop the change they were fighting for, does not have to sacrifice anything?

Accountability? I guess we can cross one overly idealistic hope off the list!

Emily Dickinson once wrote that “Hope is the thing with feathers.” At this point, hoping for accountability for the choices made by Joe Lieberman just might end up being the “thing” that leads an entire “flock” of hopes, inspired by the historic Obama campaign, to suddenly fly off into the sunset!


  1. Anonymous4:03 PM

    Is there a post for Sarah Palin in the Obama adminstration? Maybe Obama can put her in charge of congress,you know,create a special post just for her.After all if Joe Lieberman,John McCain,and the former Clinton administration is on board,Palin will be a great addition to his administration--great material for SNL to keep us laughting,because folks we are going to need it big time.I guess Mr. Obama could also ask Mr Chaney to stay on as an advisor:)We are keeping Gates after all. I guess we do not have a good democratic General with "cojones" to replace him? really? what about that real General who lost his job because he gave a real estimate on the number of troops needed to secure Iraq? What has happened to America? Is this the CHANGE we voted for people? Right now,I'm very,very confused.Why are we removing Bush?

  2. This is a total outrage! I did not go knocking on doors to keep people like Joe Lieberman around! President Elect Obama promised so much to the people and after being elected has made so many choices that are clearly against the change that we all were hoping to see.

    This is completely outrageous and the sad fact is that most people aren't even watching what is happening. We need to stand up and demand those changes that we want, we cannot remain silent and complacent anymore!