Sunday, May 18, 2008

Not Just Parroting the Campaign Spin!

I’ve never been a big Dana Milbank fan. He always seems to be trying too hard to prove how clever he is. But I’m a huge Monty Python fan, and Milbank just impressed me with this column, in which he invokes the comparison of Hillary’s campaign to a dead parrot, with Terry McAuliffe presumably playing the part of Michael Palin!

And I suppose this could be her new campaign song:

While there are some who might say the time has come to lay off the criticism of Hillary’s campaign in light of the need for her supporters to rally around Obama, I believe that as long as Hillary is putting forth a line of argument that seeks to delegitimize Obama’s nomination, her “hardcore” supporters aren’t going to embrace Obama anyway. So my little-noticed mocking will continue until she concedes both the nomination and her claims of victimhood!

As an aside, I might add that the song’s author, Neil Innes, is a favorite of mine, whom I was fortunate enough to meet two years ago when this picture (with some doctoring to maintain "anonymity") was taken:

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