Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Dumbf**k Alert!

Oh. My. God. What a buffoon! When asked by Charles Gibson about his greatest disappointment as president, Bush’s initial response?

That there were “no WMD’s in Iraq!”

He’s actually disappointed that Iraq didn’t have WMDs?

This is like saying, of his stint as governor of Texas, that after wrongly executing an accused murderer, his greatest disappointment was that the guy didn’t slaughter an entire family!

When asked about what he’s going to do after he leaves the White House, he said he’s going to “write a book” (perhaps using the same ghost writer as Joe the Plumber?) and “build an institute” (perhaps using the same contractor as Ted Stevens?) - both because he wants to be “out of the limelight.!”

Sorry George, but selling your hastily penned memoir at Walmart, or building the George Dubya Bush Vanity Institute, do not qualify as “staying out of the limelight!” Staying out of the limelight would be going back to Crawford to cut brush on the back forty, or moving your worldly possessions to a jungle in Paraguay to escape investigators from The Hague. Now that would be staying out of the limelight!

Fortunately for all of us, however, on the day he walks out of the White House, there will probably be exactly zero people who truly desire to keep George W. Bush in the limelight. At this point, even the 26 percent who still approved of him at the end of his presidency have now moved on to their new shiny object of misguided, dead-end affection - Sarah Palin!

On the day he leaves office, Bush will be yesterday’s newspaper . . . which is quite a fall considering that even today’s newspaper is actually yesterday’s Internet!

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