Friday, December 19, 2008

The Forest Through the Fees!

As the State of California races toward the edge of its financial cliff, the Governator won't sign the only viable budget reduction and revenue package available – saying at a press conference minutes after the bills passed the legislature -“ I won't be pressured” into signing them.

Arnold is not happy with the "economic stimulus" portion of the package aimed at creating jobs. So what does he do? He sets in motion his plan to furlough and lay off state workers to save cash. How exactly does laying people off create jobs or stimulate the economy?

This budget fix presented to the Governor is a huge Christmas gift to both him and his Republican colleagues in legislature - but they are all too stupid to realize it.

After months of futile negotiations the Democrats took the only path available to them, maneuvering and contorting a way to pass a constitutionally legal revenue and reduction plan on a majority only vote. It would allow the state some breathing room and maybe the ability to see a faint light at the end of this economic tunnel. Instead, because of his decision to veto the bills - its almost impossible to see the f%$#ing tunnel!

The Democrats did all the work, took all the risk and would have taken all the heat for raising "fees" to help balance the states finances. The Republicans did nothing! They were allowed to stay in their ideological – "no new taxes" corner, as they continue to worship at the bathtub of Grover Norquist.

If the Gov would just reluctantly sign these bills the Reeps could brag about how they stood up to the tax and spend liberals - as they drive home for the holidays on the highways and bridges built and maintained by the taxes that they despise.

If the Republicans could only see the forest through the “fees” they would realize that they won. The Governor got many of his economic stimulus wishes, the minority party got cuts to education and health and human services without putting up a single f*$#ing vote for new taxes. And Californians had a chance for this state to survive a disastrous economic downturn.

But alas, they are too blind to see their good fortune.

I do have one last hope, however. The bills have not been vetoed yet, having not been transmitted to the Governor’s office. I say hold them for a few more days until Arnold travels out of state for Christmas - Vail Colorado or wherever the hell he goes - then send the bills to the acting governor (Democrat Lt. Governor Garamendi) and have him sign them into law.


  1. I never though I'd see the day when I'd look at Arnold and see a relatively competent actor. It only took seeing him as the most inept Governor ever (OK, maybe Rod Blagojovich is at least his equal!)

    And frighteningly, I think even Sarah Palin could take him in a strategic battle of wits.

    Maria Shriver must be really proud!

  2. Anonymous9:42 PM

    I'm tired of looking at the blog and see that guy! Give me another photo please on which to meditate.

  3. Anonymous9:43 PM