Friday, December 05, 2008

The Legacy Fluffers

I guess it shouldn’t surprise anyone that the President who put Karl Rove in charge of overseeing the reconstruction after Katrina, or Karen Hughes in charge of improving our country’s image in the Muslim world, would put the two of them in charge of trying to “engorge” his presidential legacy.

On the surface, it seems pretty stupid – kind of like putting Jeffrey Dahmer in charge of promoting school nutrition programs, or putting Plaxico Burress in charge of gun safety!

But really, while critics complain about how Rove, Hughes and others are trying to rewrite history to improve George W. Bush’s legacy, I think it’s clear that what Bush is really doing is simply putting an exclamation point on his legacy.

After all, when he leaves office, Bush’s legacy is going to be that he is known forever as the president who put people like Karl Rove and Karen Hughes (and Don Rumsfeld, and Alberto Gonzales, and Mike Brown, and Condi Rice, and Hank Paulson) in charge of things!

Well, that and the results!

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