Monday, December 15, 2008

Wingnut Welfare For a “Bushie” Who Sucked?

As our new President Elect names his foreign policy team, including Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State, I can’t help think about what will become of our current Chief Dip(shit)lomat after the upcoming transition of power in the White House.

Condoleezza Rice has been one of the most inept members of one of the most inept administrations in history. She went from doing nothing during her stint as National Security Advisor (whose lack of advice led to the 9/11 attacks), to doing virtually nothing of significance after her promotion to Secretary of State. Sure, she got to add a couple more lofty titles to add to a fluffed up resume that already included being a world renowned expert in the former Soviet Union, a fluent Russian linguist, a concert level pianist, a football aficionado worthy of consideration to be Commissioner, a namesake for an aircraft carrier, and a fitness junky who makes Lance Armstrong look like a slacker.

For a while, her name was among those thrown around as potential GOP candidates for even higher political office, but she says she wants nothing more to do with Washington D.C.

I guess she must have something really important (sounding) lined up for her post-political life, right?

I thought it might be in the bag when I started hearing rumors that she was slotted to take over the helm of the San Francisco 49ers, but apparently that’s been shot down. Too bad, it would have been fun to watch!

The latest rumor has her returning to Stanford to continue a fellowship at the aptly-named Hoover Institution, where she can keep collecting a conservatively-sponsored paycheck while she plots out her next high profile, low performance “achievement” to add to the resume.

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