Saturday, June 03, 2006

Dems: Just Follow the "Chicks"

At the risk of turning Left-Over into just a crazy fan website, let me make one more point about the "fall and rise" of the Dixie Chicks. There is a lesson here for Congressional Democrats in 2006 and Democratic Presidential candidates in 2008.

When Natalie Maines made her now infamous comment about being ashamed that George Bush was from Texas, she was articulating how she truly felt. She didn't say it to pander to the Euro crowd. She didn't say it in a calculated move to draw attention to herself. She simply spoke from her heart.

In the days and months that followed the group came under great pressure to apologize for the statement....To back down.....Give in.....Flip flop. That would have been the easy thing to do. As the recent Time article explained:

The celebrity playbook for navigating a scandal is one word long: repent. But apologies are for lapses of character, not revelations of it, and sensing that they were being asked to apologize for their beliefs as much as their timing, the Chicks decided not to back down.

After more than two years they're "Taking the long way" and this week as their new album soared to the top of every major album chart, every progressive politician should recognize that - American's respect people who stick to their beliefs. As Democrats we should never again shy away from who we are or what we stand for no matter how unpopular it may seem at the time.

I'm proud of the Dixie Chicks and I'm proud of the nearly 600,000 who braved the rath of Toby Keith and bought their new CD this week.

But most of all, I'm proud to be a Liberal Democrat!

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  1. Giraffe7:21 PM

    Just got a Dixie Chick CD from a friend who bought 30 and gave them out. They never caved in. Yea for them!