Monday, June 26, 2006

Who Would Have Guessed - Rush Can't Get it Up!

Ah Oh! Limbaugh caught with Viagra prescribed to somebody else. Was this more Dr. shopping?

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  1. Lost Wages Joe9:27 AM

    Thanks for that link; some of the comments after the story were pretty hilarious. The ones implying that this is evidence of Rush's continued drug addiction are kinda weak, but I did like the ones that pointed-out the hypocricy; what does an unmarried man who publicly rails against pre-marital sex need viagra for?

    Maybe the best is yet to come (man, it's hard not to make bad puns in relation to this story). It's likely that someone is going to backtrack Limbaugh's little Dominican adventure and find-out what he was "up" to down there. The viagra might turn-out to be the least embarassing aspect of the story...