Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Who Will Be The First To Go - Sanjaya or Alberto?

With the the controversy surrounding Alberto Gonzales and his Department of Justice - I can't help but see the parallels surrounding this years American Idol situation.

Gonzo has proven to be unable to coherently explain his role in the firing of eight US attorneys.

Sanjaya continues to prove week after week that he cannot sing.

Gonzo with seemingly very little talent as a lawyer somehow rose to be Attorney General of the United States.

Sanjaya with very little singing talent - week after week gets enough votes to remain on American Idol.

So I ask the question - who will be the first to go - Sanjaya or Alberto?
For that matter - who would be a better Attorney General?


  1. And the obvious follow-up question:

    What would Gonzo look like with a "ponyhawk?"

  2. Lost Wages Joe4:34 PM

    I think they should just exchange roles. AG the AG is probably a better singer than Senjaya, and Senjaya would probably tapdance better than AG has...