Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Craig Watch - Day 1

Breaking!!! This just in - Senator Larry Craig is still not Gay.

Yesterday at his now infamous press conference Senator Larry Craig stated unequivocally that "he is not Gay - nor has he ever been gay". What he didn't rule out however, is becoming gay in the future.

So I have decided to count the days until Senator Craig becomes gay. How long do you think it will take?


  1. Since HE IS NOT GAY, I guess we can rule out having him go straight into the same rehab as Rev. Ted Haggard, which resulted in the pronouncement that HE IS NO LONGER GAY!

    So I am going to bet that he will become gay in approximately 30 days, but then immediately enter gay rehab, so that he can resume the life of a man WHO IS NOT GAY about a month after that.

  2. Lost Wages Joe3:41 PM

    I'm betting that he resigns within the next couple of weeks, but takes his deep, dark secret (that he's so NOT not gay) to the grave. Not that there's not anything wrong with that...