Thursday, August 02, 2007

Left-Over - Survivor Edition

As I sit here this morning longing to be in Chicago at the YearlyKos Convention - I have been trying to figure a way to temper my disappointment in a "half glass full" sort of way.

At this moment I should be sitting in my seat at Rigley Field marveling at the ivy covered outfield wall - in person for the first time - sipping a brew and eating peanuts. I should be hours away from hob nobbing with the likes of Hunter, Swopa, Emptywheel and JANE HAMSHER!!

Saying that I am disappointed would be a monumental understatement. And as Seenos eluded to in his earlier post - the reason I am not there is directly due to California's "obstructionist" Senate Republicans. Talk about pouring salt in the wound!

But there has to be some reason that this has worked out this way - some important duty that I have been chosen to fulfill.

Then all at once it hit me! As every progressive blogger in the country assembles in one place at one time - in the windy city - just like when the entire legislature and cabinet gather in the House of Representatives for a State of the Union Address -there must be one "Designated Survivor". The person chosen in case of a catestrophic event to take charge and lead the country.

That's it! my "special purpose" is to be the one "Progressive Blogger" left to repopulate the "internets". Now it all makes sense - and rest assured that I will take this charge seriously. Those are some mighty big "tubes" to fill and if I am called upon I'll do my best to fill them.

So - Seenos and the rest of you bloggers at Yearlykos - enjoy yourselves - your "Tubes" will be in good hands to speak.

Well at least better than the country would have been if something had happened during the last State of the Union - when the designated survivor was Alberto Gonzales.

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