Friday, July 25, 2008

Andrea Mitchell Go Away!

Watching MSNBC “the place for politics” where Andrea Mitchell just did a live shot from the NBC London Bureau. Once again she proved what a hack reporter she is.

First of all, she has been traveling with Obama on parts of his trip I would assume - in order to give insight from a closer perspective that we can get from over here.
So what do we get today? After downplaying Obama’s “Presidential” press conference this morning with French President Sarkozy – she decides to give us a run down of how John McCain “found his voice” today and gave a blistering speech attacking Obama. She went on and on!

Did she even see McCain’s speech? He is in Denver. She is in London. Why is she reporting on McCain’s speech? Doesn't NBC have other reporters with McCain?

Then just to prove what a lame reporter she is – at the end of her glowing McCain review – David Shuster asked Andrea what was the banging he was hearing in the background – to which she responded “someone is hammering nearby.........I don’t know........I can’t tell you what they are doing”.

So, she can’t report what is going on just a few feet away but she has no trouble telling us what is happening several thousand miles away!

Great reporting as usual Andrea!


  1. Giraffe6:22 PM

    Isn't she married to Alan Greenspan? He sold out to this administration just before he left his position I believe. I noticed she had a very weird look on her face everytime they showed her. Can't really trust that kind of look.

  2. Greenspan probably sold out in order to gain the wealth necessary to afford enough plastic surgery to keep Andrea Mitchell as the more attractive of the two!