Monday, July 07, 2008

Obama's V.P.!

With the news today of Virginia Senator Jim Web's decision to take himself out of the Democratic Vice Presidential sweepstakes - I want to get on record my take on who Obama will choose as his running mate.

First of all, I do not think that Obama will pick any of the long rumored "short list" candidates. He is far too smart for that. Obama and his aids have been masterful throughout his campaign at not being too predictable. The buzz that Obama has generated during the longest presidential campaign in U.S. history is in part due to his ability to not let the pundits guess his next move.

But since I am a blogger and not a pundit - I am going to try and predict his unpredictable V.P. pick.

I believe Obama is confident that he will ultimately beat McCain and win in November - so his choice will not be mainly aimed at gaining ground in a large "swing" state.

I also don't think that Obama has decided that he needs a military man or older foreign policy expert as his running mate. He has proven that his cabinet and team of advisers will be experienced and capable (boy is that refreshing).

So I believe his choice is going to come from someone outside the current political spotlight. It will be someone who can generate some buzz when announced, someone with a good personal story. It will be someone young who encompasses Obama's message of Hope and most of all someone who could easily be President after two successful Obama terms.

The person that I think fits that bill is - Senator Jon Tester of Montana.

You heard it here first!

*Boy it's sure easy to make bold predictions when you write a blog that only a few people read!

Here is a clip of Tester endorsing Obama on MSNBC.

And a nice Ad from his Senate campaign.

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  1. Just think how much traffic we'll get when people start googling "Tester" & "Obama" to see who predicted it first!