Thursday, July 10, 2008

McCain’s Economic Plan: "You Are Starting to Feel Weeeaaalthy!"

With John McCain’s chief economic advisor spouting the idea that the country is merely in a “mental recession” and that America has “become a nation of whiners,” I’m happy to see that McCain isn’t being allowed to distance himself from those comments with simple (and simplistic) spin:
Phil Gramm's comments are not representative of John McCain's views," read a campaign statement. "John McCain travels the country every day talking to Americans who are hurting, feeling pain at the pump and worrying about how they'll pay their mortgage. That's why he has a realistic plan to deliver immediate relief at the gas pump, grow our economy and put Americans back to work.
Several sources have pointed to other occasions when McCain himself talked about the country’s economic woes as being “psychological,” and it appears that McCain initially responded to Gramm’s remarks by suggesting that Gramm was merely rolling out a “comprehensive” economic plan.

McCain’s economic plan, much like his plan for Iraq, seems to consist of nothing little more than incessant repetition of a single phrase:

“The economy is strong!”

“The surge is working!”

My take is that the McCain campaign realizes they have no choice but to limit his “plans” for each critical issue facing the country to the number of words he can read from a teleprompter without botching the delivery!

Apparently, the number is four!

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