Friday, July 18, 2008

Yesterday’s Big Surprise Guest!

After hearing several vague rumors of surprise special guests at Netroots Nation, we’ve been playing a little game where we constantly look for signs that Barack Obama will show up. We entered the Austin Convention Center from the back side of the building, after going to lunch, and noticed they had a series of metal detectors set up from that entrance. Inexplicably, workers have recently fenced off the road along the front of the building for some sort of construction. Since there was virtually no security when Howard Dean climbed off the “Register For Change” bus, we could only guess that any signs of additional security would be an indication that someone much more sensitive would be arriving.

In fact, from our close vantage point to Dean’s arrival, although we could not hear his actual words, it appeared from his animated hand motions and the reactions of those even closer to him, that he might have been discussing someone really important who would be arriving later. Well, at least that’s what we thought while playing the “Obama Speculation Game.”

Here’s one example of Dean’s animated conversation:

Looking back carefully at this image, I guess we might have been half right about a special guest!

Later, as I was walking down the hallway after attending a session, I looked up and saw someone who was at least a little bit unexpected, although not in need of Obama level security.

That would be Obama Girl (Yes, the one from YouTube video fame!)

I’m guessing that she wasn’t at the convention to attend the Feminist Bloggers’ Caucus!

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