Friday, July 04, 2008

Did Wesley Clark Plant a Seed That Will Grow For Obama Despite Media Criticism?

After considering the flap about Wesley Clark’s comments, the media’s harsh condemnation of him, and Barack Obama’s “rejection” of the remarks, I am left wondering if the whole thing might actually work to Obama’s benefit, as the controversy subsides and memories crystallize into subconscious baggage that shapes public opinion one person at a time.

Just as the Reverend Wright controversy faded away, perhaps leaving a lasting impression for many voters that Obama is indeed a Christian and not a Muslim, we can only hope that when the dust settles on the Clark controversy, what will stick in the back of peoples’ minds is that John McCain's primary claim to national security authority "is that he got shot down!"

It’s kind of like me claiming I'm the superior choice to coach a football team because I once broke my arm playing football!

Sure, McCain’s a “military man” and I can hardly be considered a “football man,” but if the mental connection for some voters gets rewired from “McCain-Military-War Hero” to “McCain-Military-Shot Down,” that will be a significant advantage for Obama!

The audacity of hope? I’d like to think so! But then again, perhaps it’s just me calling an empty glass half full!

[Update] OK, It’s not just me. Rachel Maddow just said essentially the same thing!

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