Wednesday, January 28, 2009

And the Award For Most Shameless Advertising Campaign Goes to . . .

Talk about misunderstanding the message!

If PepsiCo really wants President Barack Obama to Refresh Everything for the good of the country, I’m guessing they would rather not include a refreshing change to America’s food policy - one that would de-emphasize consumption of soda pop - as is recommended by noted authorities like Michael Pollan and many others. I really don’t think that part of the hope and change represented by Obama’s ascendance on the political scene really involves refreshing America’s preferred source of diabetes-producing, obesity serum from Coca Cola to Pepsi!

But then, perhaps I’m being a little too cynical about PepsiCo’s motives. If only the nine million plus who supported Barack Obama can resist the underwhelming temptation to associate his message of hope and reformative change with the consumption of Pepsi products; and can just sit back and sip their Perrier while watching the wingnuts fall all over themselves gorging on Coca Cola in protest of PepsiCo’s “leftist” leanings, perhaps the goal of moving the country toward a new, more productive and sustainable long-term future will come even faster and last longer, thanks to the negative health effects of PepsiCo’s new ad campaign!

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