Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Idiot’s Guide to Chicken Soup for Dummies.

Sometimes I hear a comment that is so ridiculously simple-minded and downright stupid that it leaves me slack jawed.

Here’s Sarah Palin, in an interview with a conservative filmmaker who has chosen “to devote his life to correcting the historical record” regarding criticism of Palin, explaining how she thinks the media would have treated her much differently – in fact, would have “loved her” - if she had just had the seemingly random good fortune of choosing to run as a Democrat rather than as a Republican!

Um, sure Sarah!

And I would have been treated much differently in my dream of playing in the NBA if I hadn’t had the random misfortune of choosing to be born a short, slow, white guy who can’t jump!

Sarah also chose to berate the media for treating Caroline Kennedy “with kid gloves,” while they were more critical of Palin during her campaign, suggesting that the difference highlighted “a class issue.”

Finally, Palin expresses an opinion that I can agree with! She has been criticized more than some other political figures - like Caroline Kennedy for example - because other political figures occasionally demonstrate that they have some class, while Palin repeatedly demonstrates that she doesn’t have any!

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