Friday, January 02, 2009

To Quote George W. Bush, “Bring ‘Em On!”

OK, so I have very little hope that Harry Reid will actually take my advice, but if the GOP leaders are really willing to filibuster any attempt to seat Al Franken on a provisional basis, while Norm Coleman tries to force the courts to overturn the results of the Minnesota recount, I say let them talk for days!

The Dems can even help them out by using a little of their filibuster time to remind everyone of the details of how Bush became president in the first place. At least in his case, Franken will have the credibility of a completed recount on his side!

They can rehash the details of the Brooks Brothers Riot, in which GOP staffers tried to force the process to a premature halt while Bush still had a dwindling lead in the never-to-be-finished recount in Florida.

They can also refresh our memories of the former arguments made by James Baker about how “endless legal wrangling” can “unduly prolong” the “orderly process of transition” after our elections.

Yeah, if John Cornyn and the rest of the GOP leaders want to filibuster, I say bring ‘em on!

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