Sunday, January 04, 2009

Worst Timed Marketing Campaign Ever!

I took this shot of a billboard just outside my window in San Francisco. I’m guessing the person who thought up this marketing campaign didn’t have the current week’s news in mind. If the slogan, "Different From the Israel in the news," was the best idea to reach the drawing board during the planning sessions for the campaign, I couldn’t help but wonder what slogans they rejected.

Thanks to the wonders of the Google, I was able to track down them down so I can share them at Left-Over. So here are the four rejected slogans from the top five in the “Visit Israel” marketing campaign:

There was this:
Visit Israel: Not as many mortar blasts as you think!
and this:
Visit Israel: Like Beverly Hills, but with less rhinoplasty!
and this:
Visit Israel: Because you can’t vacation in a JC Penney catalog!
and, finally, this:
Visit Israel: Shlameel Shlamazel Hasenfeffer Incorporated!
I'll keep you posted on how long the billboard lasts!

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