Wednesday, July 05, 2006

American Idiot Watch: "Slow Learnerman" Edition

A new Time poll has Bush's approval rating slipping to 35%, down from 37% in March. You know what that means! It’s time to highlight another nominee in the narrowing field of candidates to be the last person in America to support the President.

This time, the nod goes to the man known throughout the blogosphere as “George Bush’s favorite Democrat,” although apparently not for long. No, Joe Lieberman isn’t falling out of favor with the President, but he appears to be falling out of the Democratic Party.

Not that Lieberman with admit it! He gave a press conference Monday announcing his response to a tough primary campaign against Ned Lamont. Firedoglake has been all over it, as have others, so I’m going to focus on Sore Loserman’s written explanation from his campaign website (with my emphasis.)
I’ve always leveled with you. That’s why I want to tell you today that I have made the decision to allow signatures to be collected that will enable me to appear on the November Ballot as an individual Democratic candidate for re-election to the Senate if I don’t win the Democratic Party’s nomination in the Primary on August 8th.

I will stay a Democrat, whether I am the Democratic Party’s nominee or a petitioning Democratic candidate on the November ballot.

Now, having made this decision, my supporters and I are going to focus with single-minded intensity on our goal of winning the Democratic Primary, and we look forward to August 9th. When all we have to do is celebrate our victory in the Primary the day before.
As if recognizing that his statement is too ridiculous to accept without questions, there are some FAQs included below.

Q. Is Joe Lieberman leaving the Democratic Party?

A. No. He has been a registered Democrat his whole life and he will always be a registered Democrat. If he petitions his way onto the ballot in November, he would
continue to be a registered Democrat. If he wins in November, he would organize with the Democrats and vote –as he always has- with the Democrats in Washington. He would be the same public servant he always has been—with a strong progressive voting record

Q. Does this move signal to Sen. Lieberman's supporters that he thinks he is going to lose the primary?

A. No. The most recent polling has shown that Sen. Lieberman holds a commanding lead over his opponent. These steps are only being taken as a fallback

Q. Who will be collecting the signatures?

A. This decision was made over the last few days. There is no plan yet for collecting signatures.

So Joe is still a Democrat, albeit one who says he won’t accept the democratic voting process in the primary election! He says he will vote – as he always has – with the Democrats, yet here’s Joe voting with his lips:

I didn’t see too many other Democrats lining up to cast that vote, Joe!

Oh, and about those signatures that you are allowing to be collected while your supporters are focused with a single-minded intensity on winning the Democratic Primary? I guess they will be collected by your detractors, huh Joe? Or perhaps by some of Karl Rove’s minions?

If Joe Lieberman is willing to look like this much of a fool in order to stand by his decision to support a failing President every step of the way, he certainly has potential to end up as the last person in America to continue to support Bush, thus earning the coveted title of American Idiot!

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