Monday, July 03, 2006

Bush: I Decidered to Smear Joe Wilson.

The latest Murray Waas article details Bush's "interview" with the special prosecutor in the "Plame Leak" case.

I'm sure the Whitehouse will try to make the argument that George did nothing wrong - that he did not authorize the release of Plame's identity - nor did he specifically tell anyone to break the law. But the real point in all this is that the information in the NIE that Bush wanted leaked to counter Wilson's charges was completely wrong.

That is the point. On the most important decision of his presidency - George Bush was completely and tragically wrong. A fact that he still will not admit.

Hell, if we are going to impeach this idiot lets not do it on some legal technicality, lets impeach because he is just plain wrong.


  1. Not only was he wrong, but he knew he was wrong - and made statements about "wanting to get to the bottom of the leak" when he clearly knew a lot about the leak!

    He should be impeached for being a liar!

  2. Giraffe1:12 PM

    The way things are I think the Bush party would probably impeach him for telling the truth, and personally I don't believe he knows the truth from a lie. I'm surprised his nose isn't longer.

  3. Lost Wages Joe11:04 AM

    Bush should be impeached for the simple reason that he is THE WORST PRESIDENT EVER. He's a mean, ignorant, stupid, spoiled, corrupt, greedy, dishonest, borderline-fascist war criminal who is responsible for the deaths of thousands of American servicement and women, and tens (if not hundreds) of thousand of men, women and children whose only crime was being born in some geopolitical shit-hole like Iraq or Afganistan. But don't forget to impeach Shotgun Dick, too; it defies logic, but he might actually be worse!