Friday, July 14, 2006

Left-Over Photo Match

[Note: This was in the works since right after the World Cup Final, but was delayed because several other hot news stories came along to distract me. I'm putting it up today as a light-hearted change of pace - before what I think will end up being a string of posts on how difficult it is to enjoy saying "I told you so" while watching World War III!]

Can you match the titles to the photos below?

A. Headbutt
B. Head Cheese
C. Cheese Head
D. Headmaster
E. Butthead
F. Buttmaster
G. Cheese Master
H. Cheese Butt









Sorry for that last mental image! This all started from the image of Zidane in the World Cup Final (and obviously went downhill from there!) Getting back to soccer, and to take your mind off of where this led you, here a link to my new favorite writer, Cenk Uyger at The Huffington Post, who always seems to cut right to the point, even when writing about Why Soccer Sucks.

1 comment:

  1. And the answer is "No, I didn't even look for a photo of "Masterbutt!" Or "Butt Cheese," for that matter.