Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Lesson's Learned???

So I have been out of the loop writing for a while but I have still been surfing the blogs. Once I stop writing I find it very hard to get back on that "horse".

But this morning I ran across something so bizarre I had to share it with you.

Earlier this week the National Journal published an article detailing the recent pay increases for the Whitehouse staff. George couldn't bring himself to back the recent federal minimum wage hike, but he has no trouble once again rewarding complete incompetents in his administration.

As I read down the list of staffers and their pay - one jumped out above all others.

Stewart Abercrombie Baker. He is paid 106,641 per year. And what you ask does he do to earn this hefty sum?

Stewart Abercrombie Baker - Whitehouse Director for Lessons Learned.

That's right he is in charge of all the lessons learned by this administration. Now if he is good at this job it would be overwhelming I'm sure. But this group has never learned from a mistake in their F---ing lives. So what do you suppose Mr. Baker does all day - every day - to earn such a hefty salary?

He certainly doesn't spend any extra time grooming!

[Update by seenos] Maybe he just forgot to take off part of his costume after the last Star Trek Convention!


  1. He's the one in charge of tracking the reaction of Bush's "base" to all the little (and big) lies sprinkled throughout Bush's speeches and press conferences.

    Do they like the fact that he is "the decider?" Yes - they hate deciding things for themselves!

    Bam - Lesson learned!

  2. Is he trying to grow his eyebrows long enough to do a comb over?