Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Are the Presidential Candidates a Crystal Ball for the GOP?

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Despite their many flaws, the current crop of Republican Presidential hopefuls appear to be good for something! They may be acting as a bellwether for how the GOP will treat George W. Bush when he is no longer in office.

I’ve touched on this theme before, when I wrote about an expectation of increasing irrelevancy for the post-power Bush - despite Karl Rove’s behind the scene efforts to build him a legacy.

I’ve also heard the other side of the argument: that his daddy’s rich and powerful friends will take care of him. But I’m not so sure! These people became rich and powerful by being opportunistic. Will they still show the same support for Dubya when he no longer has the opportunity to keep enriching them with more wealth and power? I doubt it!

Is there any reason to think that a man barely suited to be the decider of what brush to cut, and having a popularity rating worse than O.J., will be of more benefit to a business arrangement than he is to a political campaign? Not likely!

At this point, I like to compare Bush to the trainer who is tolerated, and even liked, because he’s the one who currently feeds the bear! But when he’s no longer in a position to keep providing the food, and the bear gets hungry, he’s quite likely to end up being lunch!

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  1. Lost Wages Joe11:13 AM

    As much as I'd like to believe that W will be relegated to well-earned obscurity (or better still, tried for war crimes and imprisoned), I suspect that his cronies in the oil and/or defense industries will take very good care of him when he "retires". After all, when he was a practicing alcoholic and had nothing on his resume but a now-classified number of months in the National Guard and a string of business failures, he still never had any trouble getting new jobs to screw-up. Nope, W is going to be rolling in cash, with lots of cushy, high-paying Board of Directors-type posts. He may even make a killing as a Self Help Guru. He's actually a compelling success story; "How an alcoholic National Guard deserter and C- student can become President of the United States". Is this a great country or what? Uhhhh... what.