Sunday, September 23, 2007

What The Senate’s Recent “Censure” Means to Me!

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As both a member of, and a blogger who angrily posted the "General Betray-Us" moniker well before the ad appeared in the NYT, it is quite a thing to know that I've been censured - by the same Senate that has, for nearly seven years, rubber stamped every illegal and immoral thing this President could dream up!

So, frankly, I don't give a damn about the "Sense of the Senate," because as a group, the Senate has repeatedly shown that it has no sense at all! As a group, it hasn't a shred of credibility on what is right or wrong for me or anyone else to say or do. None!

If I were running, I would have immediately responded by taking out another full-page ad in the NYT, condemning the "U.S. SIN-ate" for complicity in war crimes!

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  1. Lost Wages Joe11:47 PM

    Most disappointing among the Senators supporting this little excercise in first amendment suppression? Our own Diane DINO Feinstein. When is this woman going to retire? She makes BILLIONS for her arms merchant husband while she's on the Military Appropriations Committee, then she writes an anti-flag burning bill while Bush has us slouching towards fascism, and now she completely sells-out to the same bunch of brownshirts that slimed Max Cleeland and John Kerry (among others)! She's become the Left coast Leiberman.