Wednesday, September 26, 2007

One More Time for the “House of Reprehensibles!”

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So now I’ve been censured by the democratic-controlled House, as well as the democratic-controlled "Sin-nate" for "disrespectful" name altering. And on the same day the Democrats in the Senate brought us one step closer to a war in Iran, as they went along with Cheney’s pipe dream (AKA: Lieberman’s wet dream!)

At least there was one useful thing to be learned from the Democrats today:
Wisconsin Rep. David Obey, a veteran Democrat, recounted how he left the Republican Party during the era of Sen. Joseph McCarthy, R-Wis., and said that lawmakers have an obligation to criticize their allies as well as their enemies when they go too far.
Thanks for the inspiration, Rep. Obey! I can now regale my friends and family with the story of how I left the Democratic Party during the era of Democrats enabling war crimes and censuring those who oppose them!

Of course, I still won’t be voting for Republicans any time soon, but I no longer consider myself someone trying to change the Democratic Party, of which I’ve been a member for all of my 28 voting years, from within!

Nor will I be flocking crawling to Ralph Nader! As a “decline-to-state” voter in California, I can still request a ballot that will allow me to vote in the Democratic Primary, if I feel there is a compelling candidate (or a really scary candidate!) on the list of Democrats. I can still contribute to individual candidates of any party, or any group (like, if I feel they adequately represent my views.

Aside from that, the Democratic Party can sit on it and twirl remove me from their ranks! Anyone care to join me? Perhaps when “decline-to-state” voters outnumber the Democrats and Republicans, candidates in both parties will have to start listening to their constituents for a change!

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