Friday, March 14, 2008

The Ferraro/Penn One Two Punch!

The Geraldine Ferraro flap just got even more ridiculous with the above appearance on the NBC Nightly News, which begins with Ferraro stating the reason she resigned was that “she wanted to get this off the news!”

It was shortly followed by a media conference call (audio available at linked source) in which Mark Penn stated that Pennsylvania will show that Obama “can’t win in the General Election.”

Clearly, it’s all part of the same plan, brilliantly described by Will Bunch as Hillary’s “Archie Bunker Strategy,” in which her campaign:

a) Uses Ferraro to start a racism firestorm right before the state where she thinks there’s a receptive audience.

b) Characterize the “Keystone State” as the only key to winning the general election.

c) Hope that latent racism in Pennsylvania helps Hillary to get her largest margin of victory to date.

d) Claim that the Pennsylvania victory clearly shows Obama is a flawed candidate who can’t win the general election.

It’s a cynical strategy, quite worthy of being mocked, as the Obama camp was compelled to do; and excoriated, as Keith Olbermann recent did this Special Comment:

And for those hoping for a change from the manipulative and deceptive politics that have ruled Washington for decades, we can only hope that the Clintons’ reliance on an undercurrent of “hidden racism” in America is misplaced.

After 8 years of George W. Bush, perhaps we will find that America actually has an even stronger undercurrent of “hidden liarism!”

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