Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Much More Than a Sound Bite!

In today’s speech, Barack Obama showed that he is the only current Presidential candidate capable of understanding and facing the complexities of race relations, foreign policy, health care, education, the economy, etc. – rather than just trying to bluff his way through them with a series of “focus grouped” sound bites.

In future speeches, I hope he will begin to draw more attention to the fact that a reliance on oversimplified sound bites, instead of thoughtful consideration of real complex problems, was what led America to authorize and wage an unnecessary war that has sapped our resources and paved the way to the dire economic predicament we now find ourselves in.

By making the connection between the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, tax cuts for the wealthy, the failing economy, and the simplistic use of illogical slogans to obscure the real problems, Obama can essentially campaign against John McCain and Hillary Clinton at the same time, while also appealing to the working class voters of Pennsylvania and other states who are hurting the most.

[Update] Looks like Obama got my memo! This is from an Obama press release from yesterday afternoon:
On Thursday, March 20, 2008, Senator Barack Obama will deliver a major speech on Iraq and the economy in Charleston, West Virginia, where he will address the costs of the war in Iraq on our economy
In my view, this has the potential to be the real closing argument of the campaign! And not just the primary, but the general election!

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  1. Anonymous9:28 AM

    That speech was brilliant! Now I just wish they would allow us to hear the other two.