Monday, March 03, 2008

Why I Could Never Run For Public Office!

The Clinton campaign has been reduced to a parody of itself.

One of the more memorable moments of the Ohio debate (shown above) occurred after Barack Obama said he denounced statements by Louis Farrakhan, and Hillary followed by stating that "denouncing" wasn't enough, and that he should "reject" Farrakhan.

Obama turned it around masterfully by responding that he didn't see a substantial difference between "rejecting" and "denouncing," but if Hillary thinks there is, he would concede the point and both "reject" and "denounce."

In addition to making Hillary look petty and small, the exchange apparently has forced her campaign to back up the correctness of her original semantic distinction by forever using both words in tandem.

After a prominent Latino Clinton supporter made somewhat negative comments toward the Black community, the Clinton campaign issued a statement indicating that Hillary "denounces and rejects" the comments of her supporter.

Here's where I would never be able to keep to the high road, like Obama will surely continue to do.

If I were Obama, I would be irresistibly compelled to call a press conference to say that, in this situation, "rejecting" and "denouncing" are fine, but what's really called for is that Clinton formally refuse "to touch her supporter with a ten foot pole!"

I guess that means I shouldn't run for public office!

(Ten Foot) Poll:

What was the most appropriate way for Hillary to respond to her supporter's comments?

1. Denouncing!
2. Rejecting!
3. Shunning!
4. Scoffing!
5. Pooh-poohing!
6. Giving the stink eye!
7. Farting in the general direction!
8. Doesn't matter - they're just words and words are cheap!

Feel free to express your choice, or offer any alternatives, in the comments.

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