Sunday, March 23, 2008

The Internet Giveth and the Internet Taketh Away!

This video is a perfect example of the type of manipulative deception I’ve long recognized as coming from Hillary Clinton. Whenever she and her supporters talk about her “encyclopedic knowledge of policy,” or whenever she touts her "35 years of experience" at everything from foreign policy to children’s issues to women’s issues to the economy, I’ve always sensed that she was “making shit up” to pad her resume.

It’s a bit ironic that the positive feelings many people still have for the Clintons comes primarily because Bill presided over the White House during a period of dramatic economic growth due to the rise of the Internet. Yet, Hillary’s presidential campaign is going to be undone because her manipulative claims of being “fully vetted” and “experienced” in everything required of a president are being exposed for the lies they are . . . by the Internet!

In Hillary’s world, it’s enough to manipulate the traditional media, and the people will follow, believing whatever the traditional media chooses to push. In the real world of today’s Internet, people like JedReport, who edited the video above, are the media, and the truth will eventually come to those who want to see it.

As will the most accurate way of describing Hillary’s manipulation:

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