Monday, May 08, 2006

A Brief Hiatus From the World of Politics

This is just a note that for the first time since we began this Blog in October of 2005, I will be leaving the world of politics for a three-week vacation. The image above is where I will be living during this time – on the Island of Losinj, Croatia. I won’t have access to television, and minimal access to the Internet. There will no English language newspapers, and my ability to read what appears in the local news will be limited to what I can pick up using the vocabulary of about a six-year-old.

I am looking forward to it tremendously, but I am also aware that a whole string of events, that I would normally monitor intently as they are happening, will come and go without even causing so much as a ripple in the Adriatic Sea next to my beach towel (or, whenever possible, many feet above my head, as I dive the wrecks and caves that are all around the island).

Although I will likely forget to think about what’s going on in the world of American politics most of the time, right now I’m wondering what will happen while I’m gone.

Will Karl Rove be indicted? Will the number of generals calling for Rummy’s resignation reach double figures? Will any other prominent members of the administration be implicated in the scandal involving poker and hooker parties? Will we find out if the hooker parties really involved “pokim” instead of “poker?” (stop and think about this one before moving on) Will Dick Cheney shoot anyone else in the face? Will any more comedians tear the President and/or the Press a new one? Will George Bush invent any more words to describe his decidatory powers?

I’m going to miss it all, though I will have the occasional, brief, opportunity to stand at a computer terminal in the lobby of the one large hotel nearby, paying by the minute to check my e-mail and take a brief peek at a website or two. At most, I will be able to check about once a week. Hopefully, at some point I’ll be able to submit a quick post from my island hideaway, if the inspiration strikes me.

I will have to be judicious in my use of computer time, so I’m making a request to those who frequent this site. You know what interests us – what we write about. You know what I’d REALLY want to know, if I only have a few minutes to tune in to the rest of the world.

I’ll be creating a link just below the Left-Over Poll that will take you to this post. Please use the comments to add a short summary of no more than a dozen words or so - if something happens in the world that I really should know about. It is where I will check first whenever I have the chance to get on this site.

Until I return, I wish you all the best! Well, at least the best you can have with this clown as your decider:


  1. I think you're gonna miss alot including the Rove indictment. But, on the other hand, that whole living your life thing has merit too.

    Heve a nice trip, enjoy the quiet, it's very valuable. Let me know when you come back.


  2. Lost Wages Joe3:20 PM

    Enjoy your vacation, Seenos. Don't forget to tell the locals you're from Canada!

    I'm betting that Ney gets indicted before Rove, but as long as the frog march parade continues, who really cares what order they go in...

  3. Adelman and his entire staff are out as Kings coaches. No word on replacement yet. Rumors of Nellie? I hope that doesn't happen.

  4. After a long journey that consisted of a seemingly endless string of SNAFU, I'm in Rijeka at a friend's house, where I have my last day of free internet. Unfortunately, I'm too tired to take advantage of it.

    The good news: I saw a French newspaper on the plane, and a Croatian newspaper when I arrived, and both had prominent articles about Bush's low poll numbers.

    At least they know some of us aren't all bad!

  5. Big article today in USA Today detailing how the NSA is keeping record of tens of millions of domestic phone calls. Bush hastily made a statement that was a complete non-denial denial. Huge backlash in progress from both sides of isle. Cross your fingers this might be the last straw.

  6. Jason Leopold from Truthout is reporting that Rove has been indicted but under seal. Should all come out next week. Fitz might have offered one last plea deal to get Rove to turn on Cheney.

    More when it comes out.