Thursday, May 11, 2006

Bush Bests Dad - Hits 29%

Well George has finally out does his father at something. Too bad it's being disliked by the American people. Welcome to the 20's!


  1. Lost Wages Joe10:49 AM

    YESSSS!!! (with apologies to Marv Albert) What's the record? My guess is that it's held by Nixon immediately prior to his resignation, but I don't know the number. I think we should find out what it is, then start a pool! King Gearge still has a couple of years, barring impeachment, resignation, coup, or un(?)timely demise; I know he can break the record. I say he'll be in the teens by late Summer...

  2. In August of 1974 Nixon's reached his lowest approval number of 24%.

    At this rate Bush should be there in about five weeks.

    I'll take June 16 for $100 Alex.

  3. Lost Wages Joe10:07 AM

    No fair; you took my birthday! Unfortunately, I expect the Simian-in-Chief to get a very slight, very temporary, very undeserved bump from talking tough on illegal immigration, which will push-back his inevitable slide into infamy. I'm looking at late Summer or early Fall; 9/11 would be appropriate, don't you think?