Friday, May 05, 2006

Gannon, Goss Both Out!

Jimmy-Jeff Guckert-Gannon has now officially outed himself as a homosexual, and good for him! Perhaps he will now come to terms with the fact that the party he supports hates him, and many of its current
leaders would deny him the right to exist without pretending to be someone else. And good for him that he supports outing other closeted homosexuals in Washington who consistently fight against gay rights.

And there is no shortage of questions that jump to mind after Porter Goss’ abrupt resignation as Head of the CIA. Here are a few of the first ones to spring forward:

  1. In his announcement, Bush described Goss’ supposed five-year plan to reorganize the Agency. Who resigns 19 months into a five-year plan, if not for a huge, embarrassing scandal about to burst?

  2. Why did Bush let Goss resign? Unlike the recent departures of Andy Card, Scott McClellan, and several other administration members, Goss was doing exactly the job Bush wanted him to do – purging the intelligence community of non-partisan, career agents. Based on his job performance, one would expect Goss to be in the Rumsfeld category, and Bush wouldn’t let Rumsfeld resign – twice!

  3. Is there any connection between Goss’ resignation and the recent decision to fire Mary McCarthy, after blaming her for leaking information to Dana Priest about secret prisons in Eastern Europe, when she denies even knowing the information?

  4. Are there really pictures? Not that I’d want to see them or anything!

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  1. Lost Wages Joe10:53 AM

    I believe that I saw some stories in "the Blogosphere" (I'm hip now!) which imply a connection between Goss' resignation and the Duke Cunningham case. Supposedly our man Porter was a regular at poker games hosted by the guy who admitted to bribing Cunningham. More interestingly (at least in my salacious mind), said poker games took place in the hotel where the Duke was alledgedly supplied with hookers by the same guy! Man, it's about time that a sexual component was added to the Bushies' scandal sheet, don't you think?!