Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Exclusive Al Gore Interview at RetroCrush

My good friend Robert at RetroCrush got an exclusive interview with Al Gore as he promotes his new film "An inconvenient Truth". It is a fascinating and different look at the man who should be President. Who else but RetroCrush would get a quote like this from the former VP?

"....last summer I was walking down the sidewalk on Townsend here, I'm on business here a couple days a week, and I was walking down with my business associates down to the Paragon restaurant, and this group of young people, in their I'd say late 20s were coming in the opposite direction, and they get about 20 feet away, and they don't say, 'Hey! There's the former Vice President of The United States, or something like that, instead, one of them throws both arms up in the air says, 'I HAVE RIDDEN THE MIGHTY MOON WORM!' (laughs) and my associates are like, 'Uhhhh', and I'm all 'Right on, man!' "

Click here to read the entire interview.

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  1. Here's the money quote from the Retrocrush interview that tells me he's running:

    But on the last point, “How long before it might be too late?” The scientists, who I most respect on this question, are now saying, and this is new for them to say, that in their view we have less than 10 years in which to make a significant start in changing the amount of carbon dioxide pollution we put into the earth’s atmosphere or else it will be too late.

    What's the 10 years he's talking about? That would be 2 more years of Bush, and 8 years of "the next guy!"

    Mark my words - Gore is running, and he will do it because he is compelled to try to undo the damage done to the environment by the Bush administration!

    After 8 years of greed, he knows the next president will have to be elected based on a sense of duty, and a long early campaign (a la Hillary) signals ambition rather than duty.

    Gore will wait until he is called to be a candidate by a significant number of Americans, but he will run.