Wednesday, May 10, 2006

A Very Brady Whitehouse

Mike at Born At The Crest wrote something this morning that got me thinking. I hope he won't mind me "taking the ball".

For a time when I was a kid there was a part of the day that I looked forward to more than any other. It was the weekday hour from 4-5pm, when after school my two favorite TV show reruns played back to back.

First up the - “The Brady Bunch”. I probably saw every episode several of times. Who can forget the “Grand Canyon” special, where Peter smuggled beans and franks to his Native
American friend in a flashlight – or the Hawaii special with Vincent Price and the “bad luck” tiki charm.

I loved them all……well most of them. There were a few episodes that I didn’t like - and they came at the end of the shows run - the final six episodes of more than one hundred.

At this point the Brady kids had aged and were not nearly as cute as when the show began. In a desperate measure to boost sagging ratings the producers decided to add a new character -a young cute “Brady Cousin”.

Oliver came to live with the Brady clan and the show was never the same – canceled six episodes later. It was a desperate move and desperate moves in the world of the sitcom always fail.

Not unlike desperate moves by historically unpopular presidents. Tony Snow is the new cute kid of this Whitehouse sitcom. He is the Bush Administration’s “Oliver” - A last ditch effort to divert attention from the aging and out of touch Whitehouse cast.

So from now on “Oliver Snow” will be how I refer to this press secretary for whatever episodes remain of this soon to be canceled presidency. And here’s hoping George and Laura don’t go one step further in sitcom desperation and decide to have a baby.

Tune in later I for my second favorite TV show analogy. Just a hint - It involves a "three hour tour" and Left-Over meeting MaryAnn.

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  1. That's pretty funny. I had Oliver in my first draft, but cut it for length.

    I guess he's the iconic added character.