Sunday, May 07, 2006

American Idiot: The Nominees

Inspired by a sense of puzzlement over America’s fascination with American Idol, a love for the music of Green Day, and a seemingly endless string of bozos showing no sign of wavering in their support of George W. Bush, despite daily reminders of his incompetence, greed and arrogance, Left-Over began a recurring feature known as “American Idiot Watch.”

In each segment, we highlight an individual who has shown potential to end up as the last person in America who still supports the President as his approval ratings plummet toward zero. When we started the series, Bush was at a 38% approval rating. He is now wavering at about 32%, with the Iraq War a dismal failure over three full years after he declared victory, a sinking economy, soaring energy prices, numerous connections to scandal after scandal, and the approach of another hurricane season after nothing but window dressing in response to the horrors of the last one! There is little reason to think that anything will suddenly give reason to support this monumental failure currently occupying The White House. Yet there are those who will continue to do so, publicly and embarrassingly!

So we will continue to highlight them , and will maintain a running list of all of the nominees with links to the original post describing the qualifications of each one. Here they are:

The Unnamed Woman sitting next to courageous questioner of the President, Harry Taylor.

Former California State Representative, Howard Kaloogian.

Former White House Press Secretary, Scott McClellan.

Current Ohio Representative, Jean Schmidt.

Fox News Anchor, John Gibson.

Current Oklahoma Senator, James Inhofe.

This list will be updated as new nominees are introduced and kept available by clicking the American Idiot icon at the bottom of the sidebar.

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