Tuesday, April 18, 2006

American Idiot Watch (Doughy White Guy Edition) [Updated]

It seems that Left-Over beat me to the punch with his comments and link to a fine review of Scott McClellan’s future job potential.

Of course, despite growing rumors of his demise, Scottie still seems to think new Chief of Staff, Josh Bolten, was merely being rhetorical in asking if anyone wants to leave on his or her own volition. In explaining Bolten’s move to the press corps, he noted:

He wanted to make sure he had the team in place that is going to be here for a minimum of the remainder of the year . . . . And he said if people are thinking about leaving, that now is the time to come to such a decision.
But then, McClellan revealed a somewhat garbled expectation that, without a voluntary resignation, at least someone’s head is going to roll!

Any time you have a new chief of staff coming in, you can expect that there will be some changes in some of the structure and personnel and other issues.
Ever the village idiot, Scottie seems to have no idea that he’s the most glaring among many embarrassing warts in the current White House, and the easiest way to “shake things up” without really changing anything would be to show him the door! Anyone else with a similar lack of shame and a Rainman-style ability to deny basic facts could do his job.

But Scottie McClellan is apparently oblivious to it all. He still thinks he’s part of “the Bush team” that Bolten wants to remain in place. In fact, as Bush continues to drop in popularity, Scottie McClellan may well end up being the last American who supports George W. Bush as his approval rating approaches zero.

For his lack of understanding of his own worthlessness, and also, I suppose, for his failure to take the offer and get his ass out of what is probably the World’s most pathetic and embarrassing job, Scott McClellan earns a nomination as a finalist for the coveted title of American Idiot!

[Update] Well, that was quick, eh? Here's the report of Scottie's (my guess - forced) resignation. I'm sure glad I got his nomination in while he was still blathering about keeping the team together, but with "changes in the structure and other issues." I'd be tempted to feel sorry for the guy, and might even consider the possibility of recinding the nomination, if not for his parting quote:

I have given it my all sir and I have given you my all sir, and I will continue to do so as we transition to a new press secretary

No, he is still a strong contender for the title!

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