Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Sorry, But I Have To Rub It In

First of all let me say congratulations to the University of Florida on their decisive win over UCLA for the NCAA Mens’ Basketball Championship!

And it’s funny how, contrary to the typical line about opponents having to overcome the intimidation of dealing with UCLA's great tradition, it was the Bruins who couldn’t hit a shot. And it was the Gators, in their first championship game ever, who could do no wrong.

I guess UCLA fans will have to spend the next year living with the realization that in this world, it is still possible for the ghost of John Wooden to get his ass kicked by the ghost of Dwayne Schintzius!


  1. OK, I realize Schintzius probably isn't dead yet. However, from my memory of watching him play, he did seem to rebound like a ghost!

  2. But he had one hell of a mullet.

    Definitely a member of the NCAA All Mullet Team.