Wednesday, April 12, 2006

American Idiot Watch (Catch-Up Edition)

A couple of days ago, I introduced a new feature designed to highlight an individual who shows potential to end up being the last person in America who still supports George W. Bush, and thus earn the official title of “American Idiot.”

To commemorate yesterday’s special election to replace Duke Cunningham in the California-50th District, I’m going to reach back a few weeks and pull up another nominee who, frankly, needs to be included even though his fourth place finish probably means he will quickly fade into oblivion.

Over several posts, I’ve already given ample evidence to suspect that Howard Kaloogian is an idiot. Now here’s the clincher that cements his status as having the qualities necessary to end up as the single American who still believes President Bush is a competent and honest leader after everyone else has jumped off the sinking ship.  

This image appears on Kaloogian’s campaign website, so clearly he and the President are pretty close, right?  Well note the way their arms blend together rather than overlap. This tells me that either the two were once Siamese twins, or someone “photoshopped” the image to make it look like Bush was happy to pose with the beaming Kaloogian. The controversy over the photo was first noted here and includes another version with Kaloogian looking about six inches taller.

Of course, I could be wrong. Maybe the photo was taken by a photographer who was just trying out his new “fuzzy arm filter.” Or maybe Kaloogian actually had the photo taken during the same trip to the Baghdad House of Wax, where he posed with Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher, but a little later on a hot day causing George’s elbow to melt onto Howard’s jacket.

Whatever the explanation, this image of Kaloogian standing next to Bush earns him a nomination for the coveted title of “American Idiot.”


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  2. He's an idiot just for putting any photo of Bush on his website - let alone a doctored one.

  3. Lost Wages Joe9:41 AM

    And phony or not, it didn't help him. Ha-Kaloogian got trounced in the special election.