Sunday, April 23, 2006

If Arnold Really Wants My Vote . . .

Arnold Schwarzenegger finally had the chance to follow through with his campaign promise to be the “Collectinator,” as he met with President Bush to request federal aid to repair the levees. But unfortunately for Arnold, the President said no, instead making the offer to allow California to pay the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers to help.

So Arnold was reduced to being the “Beggernator” and he came up all but empty-handed. Sure, Bush is willing to let us hire Federal help, but that’s the equivalent of responding to a starving panhandler by offering to sell him your lunch!

So Schwarzenegger is already back to criticizing the unpopular Bush in an effort to appeal to liberal voters like me. Of course, I still remember during the 2004 campaign season, when Arnold was nothing but a Bush “Cheerleadernator.”

See, it’s not enough for Arnold to blast Bush now.  It’s not enough for him to position himself a dozen different ways in a calculated attempt to justify calling himself a centrist. He’s partly responsible for Bush being in the White House today, and he can’t just act the role of angry citizen in order to seem like one of us.  And don’t give me a multi-billion dollar bond measure to build roads on the backs of our children. And don’t give me a 30-year plan to chip away at global warming by creating a new corporate market for hydrogen fuel cell technology.

Here is what Arnold needs to do if he really wants me to reconsider my opinion of him: He needs to campaign in support of returning checks and balances to our national government. There are a number of key House races in California where Arnold can encourage voters to move the legislature in a more centrist direction – by voting for Democratic representatives.

If Arnold really wants me to view him as a moderate who is sincere in his anger at George W. Bush, he needs to make up for his prior support of the President, and become the “Impeachinator”  

Otherwise, everything Arnold says is just blowing smoke, and as far as I’m concerned, he should be nothing but a “One-Terminator!


  1. Giraffe8:57 AM

    Imagine Bush saying the equivalent of "No crisis, no money". We have to flood first, before they will prove how much help they won't give us. Get out Mr. Bush, you are not president of the people of this country,nor should you set foot in this state.

  2. Lost Wages Joe12:45 PM

    Very good point about the Guv's partial responsibility for Bush's re-election; hopefully Angelides or Westly will make that a BIG part of their campaign. They have a lot of ground to make-up in the "name-recognition" arena against Arnold, but with Bush's lack of popularity in Cal-ee-forneea, reminding the voters at every oppotunity that the Guvinator actively campaigned for the Primate-in-Chief could go a long way towards sending Arnold back to Hollywood...